Social Events

Princess Tea with Moana

23167568_1377779922348862_7426744482158303813_nMoana is coming to ALE to have a tea party on Sunday November 19th!

Wear your favorite Moana inspired outfit and enjoy ALE’s Afternoon High Tea service while you have time for meet and greets, coloring, singing and story time. There’s plenty of time to snap a photo too!

Adults receive ALE’s full/regular high tea service while children receive a modified tea service, tailored to their appetite size and taste buds!

Adult tea service includes four sandwiches, two scones and three sweets; children receive two sandwiches, two mini scones and three sweets.

This “theme park” type experience will be an incredible memory for you and your little ones!

Adults $38 and Children $28 (Gratuity included but not HST)