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Thank you for choosing ALE as the venue for your next event. We are ready and pleased to guide you through this process. ALE is proud to provide event coordinating services from its management team. One of our Event Coordinators would be happy to speak with you via phone, email or in person to gather details about your upcoming event vision. From this point forward, the information provided by you regarding your budget and needs will be assessed. Your Event Coordinator will formulate an event plan and quote for you. It is our job to keep your details organized to ensure perfect memories. Please note that ALE is not responsible for the actions of any outside providers or vendors.

ALE hosts special events for as few as 16 and up to 125 guests indoors. These numbers may fluctuate slightly due to your specific needs. Ask your Event Coordinator for more details.

An Event Coordinator at ALE will help you finalize all of the details for your special day. Upon agreement of event arrangements, this person will provide you with either an electronic or hard copy quote. The event will be considered fully booked once a deposit has been made. Your quote will include a plan about your event particulars. Any event valued over $2,500 will have a more specific event plan and will require a contract to be signed.

For parties under $2500 in value, ALE will require a $250 deposit to secure your event date. For parties greater than $2500 in value, ALE requires a 15% deposit. The deposit is to be made no later than ten days after your quote has been agreed upon. Your preferred event date will also be held for ten days; the date will be made available to other guests if the deposit is not delivered in time.


The deposit can be made via cash or cheque, made out to ALE. This deposit may be used towards the total costs of your event or It may be reimbursed to you if would prefer to pay for your event with another method of payment. For example, you may wish to pay for your event in full with a major credit card. Please note that any deposit cheque made out to ALE must NOT be post-dated. Any cheque made out to ALE will not be cashed unless a) the guest wishes to use the cheque towards final payment or b) the event is cancelled after the acceptable cancellation date.


ALE reserves the right to keep the deposit for events under $2500 in value if the event is cancelled in less than four weeks from the scheduled date. ALE reserves the right to keep the deposit for events over $2500 in value if the event is cancelled in less than ten weeks from the scheduled date.


All guests will be issued an invoice for their deposit upon request. Should you require a payment plan for your deposit, your Event Coordinator will arrange that option with you.

Event Gratuity is a minimum of 15%. This figure is calculated based on the cost of your event, prior to HST. Should you wish to increase the gratuity of your event, you are more than welcome to do so upon final payment. Current sales tax in Ontario is 13% and will be applied to every event cost.

There is a minimum spending amount per booking that is reflective upon day of the week and time. For example, the minimum spending amount is different for a Monday afternoon versus a Saturday night. Event space is also a factor. Please see our attached space descriptions for more details regarding your options. Please speak to your Event Coordinator regarding specific minimum spending requirements.

Depending on the style and requirements of your event, we will always do our best to ensure that your space is ready as early as possible. ALE reserves the right to book other events before, during and after your scheduled event, unless specifically indicated in your quote.


There are many ways in which you can enhance your event, including special menu items and upgrades, along with specific set up. Your Event Coordinator will ensure that your event setting is beautiful and highly functional. The last thing we want is for you to be stressed on the day of your event! Your Event Coordinator will be happy to discuss decorating plans with you. You may assist with some set up or we can do all of the work for you. ALE also works closely with several preferred vendors for baking, floral arrangements, etc. ALE has partnered with these vendors due to their exceptional products and service.

ALE actively works with Trillium Floral Designs, Dulce Couture Cakes and Chantal Benoit Photography, along with many other event professionals. Your Event Coordinator can provide you with more information and referrals.

The following items are not allowed at ALE for both practical and safety reasons: smoke and fog machines, opens flames, confetti of any variety, and outside food or beverage. Should you have a special request, please speak to your Event Coordinator.

ALE currently works hand in hand with TMSI, the facility operator for Amberwood Golf and Country Club. Any desire to incorporate golf or use of the Amberwood facility can absolutely be accommodated and included in your package selection. ALE and TMSI work closely together to offer their guests the best value, quality of service and experience.

ALE has a large parking lot onsite for guest use.

There are several hotels in the area, most located within a ten minute drive of ALE. ALE encourages out of town guests to also utilize local bed and breakfasts, as well as the Air BnB App.

ALE is wheel chair accessible and welcomes guests with service animals – any extra special requirements may be discussed and accommodated with your Event Coordinator.

Hours of Operation

*Effective November 1st, for regular dining

General Hours
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 11 -9
Thursday 11 -9
Friday 11 -10
Saturday 11 -10
Sunday 9 – 3

On Fridays and Saturdays, we stay open late if our guests are still relaxing and enjoying their night!

ALE serves breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

Afternoon Tea is served on Sunday between 11 am and 4 pm
Reservations are required

For private functions and large reservations during closed times,
please contact ALE and speak with management
613.831.2442 or info@aleottawa.ca


ALE features chef choice entrees


Weekend Breakfast - Served 9am-4pm


Featured weekly 3 local/craft brews to choose from